Good things happening with Spanish Tax – Insight to the changes

We are pleased to report that there are a number of proposed schemes to reduce the amount of tax paid in Spain. The proposed reductions in tax apply to personal income, corporation and savings (capital gains) taxes. This will reduce the burden of taxes and some schemes, such as the “Beckham” scheme for retired people, … Continue reading

Now that is what I call a plan… read more on the changes to pensions and NISAs

Budget 2014, NISA, Pensions

At first glance of the headlines from the Budget 2014, it appears that we are in for a windfall.  In addition to the tax changes, including the personal allowances etc, there are changes to both pensions and ISAs.   Indeed, the changes to pensions and ISAs are very significant and in both cases will improve … Continue reading

Insight into tax efficient savings in Spain

It is that time of year again when attention turns to tax in Spain. The time of year when we add our worldwide This year it is particularly important. Firstly, the Renta Declaration has to correspond with our Form 720 (Modelo 720). Secondly, the G8 are addressing the issue of tax which includes implementing more … Continue reading