Good things happening with Spanish Tax – Insight to the changes

We are pleased to report that there are a number of proposed schemes to reduce the amount of tax paid in Spain. The proposed reductions in tax apply to personal income, corporation and savings (capital gains) taxes. This will reduce the burden of taxes and some schemes, such as the “Beckham” scheme for retired people, … Continue reading

Spain and the UK have new Double Taxation agreement

A new Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between Great Britain and Spain has started from the 12th June 2014. The agreement covers the avoidance of double taxation on residents of both countries where tax is paid in the other country. The agreement covers the following taxes: Income tax for individuals Capital Gains Tax for individuals and companies Corporation … Continue reading

Pension Changes 27th March 2014

What are the pension changes due at 27th March 2014? Here is a brief summary of some of the changes: Triviality and Small Pensions.  If you have a small pension the whole amount that can be taken as a lump sum. This amount has been increased to £10,000 per pension pot, and the total can … Continue reading