Pension Changes 27th March 2014

What are the pension changes due at 27th March 2014? Here is a brief summary of some of the changes: Triviality and Small Pensions.  If you have a small pension the whole amount that can be taken as a lump sum. This amount has been increased to £10,000 per pension pot, and the total can … Continue reading

Now that is what I call a plan… read more on the changes to pensions and NISAs

Budget 2014, NISA, Pensions

At first glance of the headlines from the Budget 2014, it appears that we are in for a windfall.  In addition to the tax changes, including the personal allowances etc, there are changes to both pensions and ISAs.   Indeed, the changes to pensions and ISAs are very significant and in both cases will improve … Continue reading

An Allowance or a Limit – Save a Lifetime of Additional Tax

Like me, you have probably worked hard and saved hard to build your retirement pension? Yes? Well done!! However, the tax on pensions is changing and could undo some of that good work. Since 2006 there has been a limit (ironically called the Lifetime Allowance) on how much we can have in our pensions. The … Continue reading