Opportunity Awaits ….

The Scottish Referendum has been a huge talking point because of the potential consequences across Europe. Catalunya is also pushing for independence, and police have “captured” a homemade tank that was to be used in the “battle” for independence in Venice, as reported by Time Magazine.  In these circumstances, it is not hard to feel … Continue reading

Barcelona Global – Living and Working in Barcelona


At the kind invitation of the Mayor of Barcelona and Barcelona Global, we attended a very special event to encourage international business people to move to Barcelona, to help with their integration in society here and to encourage them to become involved in the running of the city and to act as ambassadors for the city. … Continue reading

Good things happening with Spanish Tax – Insight to the changes

We are pleased to report that there are a number of proposed schemes to reduce the amount of tax paid in Spain. The proposed reductions in tax apply to personal income, corporation and savings (capital gains) taxes. This will reduce the burden of taxes and some schemes, such as the “Beckham” scheme for retired people, … Continue reading