Costa Brava – Executive Retirement at its best

If you are a senior manager, board member or owner of a successful business and you decide to retire abroad, where do you retire? Certainly, there is plenty of choice around the world and people are making more and more varied choices about where to retire.   An option that appeals to those who have already made the decision is the Costa Brava in Spain.  It is not hard to see why.

The variety of the landscape means that even if you choose to live on the coast it is only one and half hours away to go skiing. Indeed, it is perfectly possible to go skiing in the morning and be on the beach in the afternoon.   Excellent golf courses are spread throughout the region.  A very active University of the Third Age (U3A) group organises activities from the Knackered Camel Walking Group to the  History of Catalunya and Spain Group.   Not only do these groups help with building a sense of understanding of the area and culture they are great for mixing with people of similar interests and outlook.

Begur, Costa Brava,

Begur, a village close to the Coast and a favorite place to retire

Another feature of the Costa Brava as a retirement location is the international nature of the people who now live here. It is not unusual to have 13 or 14 different nationalities in a group of 40 people.  This makes for stimulating conversation and the opportunity to learn about other cultures as well as that of Catalunya. Many of these people have fascinating backgrounds and stories to tell.   With so many nationalities in a group English is often used and often with incredible proficiency by the Dutch, German and Scandinavian residents.

Medical care and support services are all available in the area with major hospitals at Girona, Barcelona and Palamos.

The food is also a very appealing aspect.  From simple paysan offerings on mountainsides in the interior to Michelin starred and World class restaurants, dining is nearly always a delight.  An event that can often take 3 hours or more for lunch, if you wish, this wonderful way of enjoying food brings people together.

The video below gives a brief insight into the beauty of the area.  It starts at Cadaques in the north of the Costa Brava and gives some insight into the activities and countryside.  Sailing, walking, hiking, parachuting and much more can all be enjoyed.  Take a look at this video to see more of the Costa Brava.

Costa Bravo video

Costa Brava Beaches

From coves to long sandy shores, the beaches of the Costa Brava

Here is more information which may help you decide that this is a place to consider when asking yourself the question “Where should I retire?”

If you do decide to retire here, I look forward to meeting you.


Author: Barry Davys

Expat Financial Advice Spain


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