A funny thing happened…..

The National Bank, Oamaru, built 1871: a prost...

The National Bank, Oamaru, built 1871: a prostyle Palladian portico on a neoclassical facade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A funny thing happened to a potential client of mine, his bank was not the bank he thought it was!

A potential client of mine was telling me he was unconcerned about the security of his deposit account with a Spanish based bank and that there was no chance of a “Cyprus” here. His bank was British (in Spain) and around 40% owned by the British taxpayer, so that, together with the €100,000 Deposit Guarantee scheme, made sure his money was safe.

When I sent him this link from the bank’s website: http://www.lloydsbankinternational.es/en/corporate-announcement/ he got a bit of a surprise. Now I am not saying that this changes anything in respect of his deposit and security of it. It’s just that in this day and age we need to stay informed, keep up to date, and take care. Our slogan is “With care, you prosper”, so take care of your assets and our role is to help you do it.

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Author: Barry Davys

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