“Self-Made Women Paid More Than Men”

Some surprising and positive news has been revealed for women today in the form of a report released by Barclays Wealth & Investment Management showing that woman business owners earn more than their male equivalents.

Female entrepreneurs are making more than their male rivals

As reported yesterday in The Sunday Times,

“Female entrepreneurs are finally smashing through the glass ceiling by out-earning their male rivals. Women who own businesses earn nearly 17% more than men in the same position, a reversal of the trend among employees, where women typically earn 15% less than male colleagues.

The statistics, from a global survey of more than 2,000 affluent clients for Barclays Wealth & Investment Management, suggest that women are better rewarded in an entrepreneurial environment, where pay is largely determined by the growth of their business, than when salaries are negotiated with bosses.

The research found that female entrepreneurs have an average annual income of £382,000, 16.8% higher than the average of £327,000 for men.

By contrast, the average income for a top female executive who did not own her business was £217,000, 21% lower than the male income of £273,000.

“Entrepreneurs often have greater flexibility around the hours they work, the level of pay they take home, and are less likely to have to navigate old boys’ networks when deciding their own promotion or bonuses,” said Ceri Goddard, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society, which campaigns for female equality.

The number of female entrepreneurs has risen to about 6% of the adult population in 2012, compared with male entrepreneurs at 12% of the population.”

This is great news for women in business…let’s just hope the chaps can keep up!

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Author: Barry Davys

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