Where do your Euro Banknotes come from?

We thought you would be interested to know where your Euro notes are printed.  In an event of a Eurozone breakup some people suggest that notes printed in Spain and Greece will be treated differently, for example being treated as the new drachma or peseta.  We have no idea of the validity of this argument, however, we thought you would like to know about your euros.


You will notice that the 50€ Bank Note has an X at the beginning of the number which means that it was printed in Germany

Below you will find a list of the corresponding EU countries and their designated Bank Note Letter.

D Estonia

E Slovakia

F Malta

G Cyprus

H Slovenia

L Finland

M Portugal

N Austria

P Netherlands

S Italy

T Ireland

U France

V Spain

X Germany

Y Greece

Z Belgium

Take a look at your notes.  Where do your Euro Banknotes come from?

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Author: Barry Davys

Expat Financial Advice Spain




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