Client Profile: Anita Primett of Barcelona Flats


Anita Primett

I have lived in Barcelona for 10 years.  Arriving in Spain as a qualified teacher I went to Madrid to complete a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course in Madrid.  On completion of the course I moved to Barcelona and after a short while of teaching English classes at several TEFL schools here, I was employed as a teacher in an English speaking, private Catalan school. I was quite lucky to get a full-time job so quickly.  Even though it was a good and permanent job I realised that my income was only just going to be sufficient.  To supplement my income I started giving private evening lessons to adults as well.  This was tough as I was doing very long hours, two jobs in reality.

Then, a few years ago I decided to change careers. A friend had started managing some tourist holiday apartments in Barcelona and she agreed to let me help her. Soon, I had acquired enough of my own tourist apartments to manage and had some helpers of my own too. A few of the apartment owners kept asking me about how to get more bookings for their apartments, so that gave me the idea! Now I have my own business, Barcelona Flats, renting out over 100 holiday apartments for tourists.  We recently upgraded our website so property owners can upload their flats online themselves.  This will allow our holiday flat rentals to grow outside of the Barcelona area as we currently have rentals in Sitges and the Costa Brava since the upgrade.  My business also continues to manage some of the apartments.  It is hard working in Barcelona. We are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week business, but it is very satisfying having your own business.

I have a good mix of friends here in Barcelona, of several different nationalities, initially from joining a tennis league with 100+ players from many countries. A great way to meet new people!

A very big plus side of living in Barcelona is the continual buzz of the city. There are ALWAYS plenty of activities, concerts, sporting events etc to keep you constantly entertained (if you have the time!). The weather too makes the city an all-year outdoor, enjoyable place to live. You can’t beat a clear, crisp sunny winter’s day…ideal for a game of tennis too! One of my private English lesson clients once said to me “why would we learn to play games like Scrabble & Monopoly when we live in Barcelona?…we do not have to be tucked away inside our homes, hiding from cold winter evenings, like in the UK. We can be out enjoying a winter stroll & then supper on the terrace”

Contact Details:

mobil: 672 313 736




Author: Barry Davys

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