Profile: Gillian Pollock of Guid Publicaciones

Expat in Spain, Gillian Pollock

Gillian Pollock

Gillian’s career choice, after graduation in Social Sciences, came about through searching the careers manual in the most logical fashion possible: starting at ‘A’. Getting as far as Advertising she decided it was a fascinating area and moved to London to pursue that career. Initially she worked in a very small advertising agency, then a very large advertiser, ending up for 13 years in an advertising consultancy called Media Audits. After a team of company directors, of which Gillian was a part, bought out the previous shareholders, she took on the responsibility for setting up the European network of businesses starting and living in Amsterdam, followed by Barcelona and Paris before going back to settle in Barcelona. Shortly after thinking she was settled, an opportunity arose to work for IPG (Interpublic Group of Companies) and she moved to Buenos Aires where she spent 4 years working on various projects which took her around the Latin America region.

Gillian, now back living in Barcelona, remains strongly connected to Buenos Aires and it was through a contact that she met an author there who somehow persuaded her to become involved in the publishing business (apparently several bottles of wine and a demon hangover were involved). The result of which is Guid Publicaciones, a digital publishing company for Spanish language books by talented authors. Each author is carefully selected for the quality of their work and their ability to intrigue, inform and challenge the readers.

While various books are currently in the process of translation into English, Gillian remains focused on the giant task of ensuring that the books receive the visibility and recognition they deserve to a wide market, while bringing new manuscripts and new formats, such as the audio version online. As the author’s works range through fictional adventures about the Falklands War, the inside story of a drug addiction, and the magic of Shamanism amongst other themes, her challenge remains to provide something new and involving for each reader.  Erotic Poems by author Julián Peiró and you can see the tables turned when Julian interviews Gillian on Canal Catalana TV and footage of his book presentation including readings by some of his rather scantily dressed “supporters” at Erotic Poems

Average and run of the mill is just not ‘guid’ enough!


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